Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we cannot do single beer jacket replacements.

For Princeton alumni, class officers often choose to place a new order every few years. We recommend getting in touch with your class officers if you are interested in an order of replacement jackets.

We work with a number of vendors all over the world. While we do some of our production locally, most of it is not done in-house.

For orders to be worth the time and cost of production, most suppliers have minimum order quantities.

These quantities differ by item and will be entirely dependent on the type of item you are ordering.

Our minimum order for beer jackets is 35. Price is dependent upon the complexity of the design and the materials you choose to use.

It depends upon the amount of fabric you have or want to produce. If you already have fabric, the quantity is likely to be lower. In general, we need about 3 yards of fabric per jacket.

Most orders are delivered between 2 and 10 weeks after the order has been placed. This time is dependent upon the type of apparel or accessory you are making and whether you are also making samples.

Your order will be delivered directly to the address you give us, in bulk.

We generally do not do distribution for group orders. We have helped with distribution in the past, though this is generally a specific Covid-19 policy and requires an extra contract and shipping and handling fees.

No, we are not associated with or owned by Princeton University.

We are a completely independent entity.

We are a very small business of less than five employees. We work very hard to make sure that all of our suppliers have solid sustainability, labor, and sourcing practices. We require all suppliers to represent that they do not engage in harmful practices.

In 2022, we are working to offer a greater degree of recycled materials and American-made items, as well as items that are plastic-free.