Design the Classics

While we make a range of custom garment and gear, these are some of our most frequently
ordered items, which we produce on a regular basis for clients. 

The Beer Jacket

Total Production Time:  3 to 5 months
Delivery: 8 weeks after final order is placed 
Minimum Order Quantity: 35

These canvas jackets started in 1912 at Princeton University, and they are a bit what they sound like. They began as graduating classes wore these "chore coats" to graduation celebrations, many in the basement of The Nassau Inn. 

These have evolved into traditional  “senior jackets” for the Princeton graduating class and are made canvas,  with spacious interior pockets. If you are looking to make a custom beer jacket, we recommend contacting us 6 months prior to your event.

The Class Jacket

Total Production Time:  5 to 8 months 
Delivery: 16 weeks after final order is placed
Minimum Order Quantity: Pending fabric availability 

A traditional sport coat, designed with your own custom pattern and fabric. Clients either come to us with their artwork created, or in a form that needs to be slightly adjusted, though our team can also create artwork. 

 We have traditionally made these for Princeton Alumni on the occasion of their 25th Reunion, though we have also made them for alumni at Brown, Yale, and UVA. If you are looking to make a custom jacket, we recommend contacting us 8-10 months in advance of your event.

Custom Masks

Total Production Time:  3-8 weeks
Delivery: 1 to 2 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity: 40

During the past year, we have begun to make custom masks for alumni classes and weddings.  The Princeton design here was made by Siyang Liu, Class of 2021.